Hi Fatima, thanks again for the Angel reading. Saw my soul mate Friday and we had a blasting time together so much fun! I owe it all to you!! =D so thank you… thank you… thank you!!! And I’m writing almost every night now. Thank you Angels!



Goddess Fatima”s powerful guidance and wisdom has impressed me since I began working with her in 2002. Her accurate and profound insights delivered through her light and fun personality has inspired me to consult with her regularly over the years, both personally and professionally. I often refer my clients and friends to her, and they always respond the same way, “She is amazing!” Thank you Goddess Fatima for being such a beautiful light in my life and in the world.


Jo-Anne Cutler

Hi Fatima came to you 2 weeks ago for my Angels and Fairy reading asking if I was going at find my job you and the angels said to write thanking that I now had my life purpose and for me not to ask for a job and WOW I did write when I got home from seeing you and in 2 weeks and 3 day I received my (Life purpose) thank you, thank you, thank you goddess Fatima you made a writer out of me lol… you are a great gift to this world thank you.