How to use Mantras

Pick the mantra that you need.

Say the mantra throughout your day. If you wish, you can use mala beats for your practice. Thought the Far East, rosaries are called malas and consist of 108 beads. The beat at the end of the mala is called the meru, it contains the accumulated power of all the mantra performed. You should not cross over the end of the last beat. It stores power. The last beat called meru becomes a mountain of stored spiritual energy. During your repetition of a mantra, the mala is finished when the meru is reached. To continue chanting the mantra, you start the count backward from the mala to the meru last beat, then back again. Then forward round the mala again, and then back the other way to the beginning.

Malas still contain 108 Beats, the number 108 is used because Vedic teaching state that there are 108 principal astral channels leading from the heart in the subtle body out to the rest of the subtle body. These channels can be likened to astral nerve tubes or blood veins. Saying a mantra 1008 times sends energy into each of the channels.

There are malas made of several types of material in general use. These include.

Sandalwood beats, Tulasi or basil wood, Plain wood, Rudrakha this is a small berry, Crystal beads, you can have fun with looking for the right mala beats for yourself.

There are certain powerful, one-syllable mantras called seed mantras that have no explicit translation. In Sanskrit, these are known as bija mantra, and Vedic literature abounds with tales and legends of being who used them and roses to greater heights of spiritual and material power. In the Rig veda, for example, the earth spirit Kubera became the lord of wealth simply by chanting a few powerful seed mantras over a long (supernaturally long) period of time.

Unlike the words of everyday speech, bija mantras are experiences of energy in their own right. They are not symbols of other objects or experiences in the world. The word ‘chair’ denotes an object with four legs, but seed mantras don’t represent objects or even feelings. They’re like the smell of a flower or the taste of an apple. Words don’t define those experiences. The experiences define the words.

The Principal Seed (Bija) Mantras

If you have a particular issue in your life, or a material or spiritual goal you wish to accomplish, pick a seed sound to represent the energy you desire but have been lacking. Work with this mantra for ten days, repeating it as much as you are able. Besides repeating it whenever you can, you should also set aside five minutes twice a day to chant the mantra in a focused, meditative way. If it agrees with you, continue for an additional thirty days. For faster results you may want to site and write the mantra for 108 times, the more you write the faster it will come to you, 1008 will come to you with the most amazing energy.

When mediating always start by chanting Lord Ganesha mantra (Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha)this mantra will bust all obstacles in your way, so that you will have an amazing meditation.

Om Gum ( as in chewing gum).

This is a masculine seed for Ganapathi, an energy of an elephant-headed god Ganesha, which will remove obstacles and brings success and issues in your life, To remove obstacles, repeat the seed mantra Om Gum for a few days, then move to the Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha,

Glaum (glah…owm)

Another seed mantra for Ganapathi, this removes obstacles that may exist between the throat and the base of the spine. It is related to Ganesha as energy of will.

Om (Ohm).

Seed sound for the Ajna charka, located at the third eye, between the eyebrows, which connects us to a higher consciousness, in a union of human and driven intelligence. Masculine and feminine energies meet at the third eye center. Thus, this seed sound contains the Principle of Unity. There is a quality of cosmic intelligence associated with this seed mantra. Throughout meditation on OM, worry is extinguished and the mind becomes serene. Each seed mantra has a unique power that you must experience individually. The ways in which they can work and manifest for you will differ greatly from the way they work for others practitioners.

Be open to whatever images or results the mantra delivers to you. Whatever changes occur in your life may contain the seed to the solution or goal for which you have practicing mantra.