Mediumship is the ability to communicate with spirits who have crossed over to the spirit world, or heaven. Dr. Doreen Virtue, Sylvia Browne, John Edward, Lisa Williams and James Van Praagh are psychic mediums. You might have seen them on television.

Mediums have to raise their vibration to communicate with the spirit world while at the same time, the spirit world will lower theirs a bit so we can connect with the Medium.

A psychic medium reading is not a cure for grief, it can help ease the pain and bring some relief just knowing your passed loved one is okay. The middle person is the (medium) who receives information and messages from your passed loved ones that can help answer your questions about the afterlife, and assure you that life is eternal.

You will know by their sense of humor, or even bossy tone and have confidence they are in fact communicating with us during your session. At times, additional spirits may come through to send a message or just to say, “Hello, I am here and I’m okay or to tell you that everything is ok or even to help you to guide you to the right healer”.

All mediums are psychic. Not all psychics are mediums. If you decide to get a reading with a medium, you will be able to hear from your passed loved ones and also receive psychic information pertaining to your current life situation and also your future.