Mantras for Attracting Love – When a Woman Seeks a Man

For a Vadic perspective, contemporary women must ask, ” I Want a man who will honor me and respect my power, who will use my energy honestly and unselfishly, without anger or resentment” this is a great mantra for empowering a woman to find such a man:

Sat Patim Dehi Parameshwara

(Saht Pah-teem Day-Hee Pah-Rahm-Esh-Wah-Rah)

“Please give to me a man of truth who embodies the perfect masculine attributes.”

Mantras for Attracting Love – When a Man Seeks a Spiritual Woman

The mantra to attract a woman who will be compatible with him. This mantra is very effective for a man to find his woman.

Nrayani Patim Dehi Shrim Klim Parameshwari

(Nah-Rah-Yah-Nee Pah-Teem Day-Hee Shreem Kleem Pah-Rahm-Esh-Wah-Ree)

” Oh power of truth, please let me attract a spouse carrying the supreme feminine energy manifesting abundance and creativity.”

Mantras for Attracting Love – Mantras for Healing a Relationship

Two mantras are given here, one for honoring the feminine energy within each partner and one for honoring the masculine energy within each partner. The practice of mantra helps balance these inner energies of the individuals, enabling them to become harmonious as a couple. To honor your feminine energy:

1- Hrim Shrim Klim Parameshwari Swaha

(Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-Rahm-Esh-Wah-Ree Swah-Ha)

“Salutations to the Supreme Feminine. May that abundant principle which hides the nature of ultimate reality be attracted to me”

2- Om Nama Shivaya

(Om Nah-Mah See-Vah-Yah)

“Om and salutation. May the elements of this creation abide in me in full manifestation.”

Mantras for Attracting Love – Healing Misunderstandings in a Relationship

Two mantras will help you gain your own clarity of mind in the midst of emotional and mental turmoil.

1- Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha this mantra will bust all obstacles.

2- Om Sharavana Bhavaya Namaha

(Om Shah-Rah-Vah-Nah Bhah-Vah Nahm-Ah-Ha)

You can once again recognize your partner’s good qualities as well as your own strengths. With goodwill and a clear desire for a relationship that works, you can gain the courage to resolve your disagreement.

Mantras for Attracting Love – To bring in the Balance of Mother God in you

The mantra that expresses the feminine or Shakti energy of the universe this mantra is for both men and women.

Om Shrim Shriyei Namaha

(Om Shreem Shree-Yei Nhm-Ah-Ha)

“Om and salutations to the creative abundance that is the very form of this universe.”

Mantras for Attracting Love – To Bring in the Balance of Father God in you

This mantra to honor the masculine principle it will help your masculine aspect. It is said that if one uses this as a main spiritual discipline for many years, one will eventually accumulate knowledge and spiritual clarity of the deepest type.

Om Nama Shivaya

(Om Nah-Mah See-Vah-Yah)

Removing Obstacles to Prosperity

Written by Goddess Fatima

Mantra: Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

Mantras for abundance and Prosperity

Om Shreem (Shrim)

This Mantra is for the energy of great abundance in all forms.

Shreem mantra gives you the ability to attract Spiritual abundance, great heath, inner peace, financial wealth, amazing friendships, great love.

The Goddess for this amazing mantra is Goddess Lakshmi, she will make it happen for you.

According to Vedic teaching, if you chant or write Shreem for 108 times, your experience of abundance will increase a hundredfold. If you write Shreem a 1008 times or a million times, the result is magical.

Om Shreem Mah-ha Laksh-mee-yei Swah-ha is also use for Goddess Lakshmi to bring you all that you desire.

Or ~ Om Shreem Sri Sundara Maha Lakshmi

(Please remember that Goddess Lakshmi includes spiritual abundance as well physical plane abundance.)

Om Kleem (Klim)

This seed mantra for the energy of attraction.

It is often combined with other mantras to attract an object of your desire. To attract great wealth, the Kleem mantra can be combined with the Kleem seed to form the mantra Om Shreem Kleem Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha.

Here Kleem has been added to the regular mantra Om Shreem Lakshmiyei Namaha.

Kleem can also be used as a meditation. By lighting a candle a tea light works really well an incense. Get comfortable and gently direct your thoughts to the object that you desire to bring into your life. Visualize it as if you already have it, its right there in front of you, softly chant the mantra Kleem (Klim). As you chant with the intention you will increase great energy of your thought and you will attract more energy in to yourself, you will become a great magnet to prosperity and all your desires.

Hreem (Hrim)

This is a great seed mantra for balance and clarity you will achieve clarity concerning the true reality of the universe. For every day reality.

You can also add Hreem in Om Kleem Hreem Shreem Namaha ( Attract, balance, and great wealth).