Thank you Goddess for snapping some sense into me… and for not giving up on me thanks for bring me back to my Angels, I’m determined now, and Guess what Goddess Fatima, I got a full time job the day after I wrote my letter to the universe …pays good, its permanent and has benefits 🙂 this is what I’ve been writing for, I’m so happy thanks.


Janice Ho

I”ve studied Quantum Physics for a long time; therefore I have a good understanding of energy fields, the law of attraction, and manifestation. Fatima embodies all these universal laws as an energy healer and as an intuitive. The mere presence of Fatima elevates the energy of the room and shines a light of possibility. Life as I understand it is about the infinite possibilities available to us all, she reminds us of that and brings us closer to it through her divine energy.



Fatima, you are one incredible and amazing woman. I am so thankful and feel so blessed to have you and all the angels in my life. Because of the Angel and Fairy reading my life and love life is Wow!!! Keep asking our Angels to help us all thanks so much. Have a beautiful day and life!